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The Watcher
Gender: Male
Species: Timelord
Height: 230 CM
Weight: 100 Kg
Planet of Origin: Gallifrey
Current living space: Antipathy
Date of Birth: Unknown
Profession(s): Information Broker
Ships Posting: Antipathy
Ships Position: Master
Rank: None
Current Age: 1,100
Children: None
Personal Weapons Systems
Energy Manipulation: Mrrshan Bullpup Plasma Carbine, Tavlek Gauntlet
Armour/Attire: Mrrshan Mk II Flowmetal Powered Armor, Shield Belt, Personal Translocator Beacon
Chronological and General Info
Affiliation/Alligences: None
Allies: Raymon Sel
Enemies: The Ambassador

Early LifeEdit

The Watcher was a High Councillor directly under Rassilon during his presidency. He was, however, blatantly opposed to going down with the planet when the decision was made to close it off. Therefore, he used his type 103 War TARDIS to leave the system, and flee through time and space. He was only 500 then. Travelling through time and space, he never realized that he was intrinsically linked to the planet Gallifrey. When the planet fell through a dimensional rift to land in this galaxy so did he. But when he landed on the planet to look around, he found that everyone had died. He was 1,050 at the time.

Current LifeEdit

Currently, he makes his life as an information broker. He has modified his War TARDIS to support highly advanced sensor banks, and incredibly sophisticated computers, learning more about the universe that he was forced to inhabit. At some point in time, his TARDIS, Antipathy lost the ability to Travel through time. The Watcher, unable to repair it, has merely ignored it, using Antipathy to travel through space instead.

The Information BrokerEdit

Operating as a mercenary, he is able to get any information that anyone could ever want. For a price. On the outside, he appears to be an amiable, charismatic person. And, indeed, he does nothing to dissuade this. Under normal circumstances, anyone would find him easy to get along with, though they know very little about him, even fellow timelords would only recognize him in passing, and would never suspect his ulterior motives. There is also very little information about him circulating throughout the galaxy. As such, nobody would guess his ultimate plan, the true reason for him becoming a mercenary.

Master PlanEdit

Ultimately, he plans to bring back Gallifrey, though any means necessary. In order to do so, he has taken to recording anything and everything that he can, harvesting technologies from other races, and using his skill as an infiltrator to get a good look at new technologies, in an effort to bring the gallifreyans back. Currently, he has gathered the essential time travel components from over 400 TARDISes, and the basic technologies behind the stargate in a desperate bid to bring the Gallifreyans back.

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