The Tavlek Gauntlet is an extremely powerful short range weapon developed my Naruni Technologies, for use by the Mrrshan Military. It consists of a bracer-type device that can fit on the forearm of most humanoid species. Once it is donned, it begins to inject the user with a drug to increase their psionic potential and thus control the device.

The Device itself is powered by a microfusion reactor, to power the gauntlet, and to fire its main weapons. The Microfusion reactor consists of the reactor itself, as well as a supply of liquid Krellium, to amplify the power of the reaction, thus making the weapon much more powerful than an average plasma firearm.

Combat CapabilitiesEdit

First, it can fire an incredibly powerful plasma burst, as powerful as that launched from a plasma sniper rifle, and just as accurate. This is due to the enhanced power amplification systems within the Gauntlet. Second, Given the willpower of the user, it can also be used to generate a defensive energy shield. Third, It injects a stimulant that increases the user's strength, speed, and endurance, and can, in some cases, allow the user to gain a measure of regeneration.

If the user becomes unconscious, the gauntlet will detatch itself from the user's wrist.


The Gauntlet, however, has a number of disadvantages. First, the drug is addicting, over the long term, and the withdrawal is painful for the user, although it can be mitigated with drug therapy. Also, since the drugs are tailored to Mrrshan and Bulrathi physiology, they can be more addicting for other users, faster, or they may not work at all, negating the strength aspect. Short term users will also become exhausted after removing the gauntlet.

In any case, the Non-Mrrshan/Bulrathi user will become incredibly aggressive, and arrogant, even to the point of trained warriors abandoning their training, and devoting their time and energy into incredibly risky, even suicidal maneuvers, no matter how long the user has been indoctrinated. Some incredibly strong-willed individuals can avoid this, but in most cases, they are swept over by the drug.

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