Tachyon Pulse DisruptorEdit

Tachyon pulse disruptors use pulses of phased tachyons to disassemble matter at the molecular level. Since Tachyons move at speeds higher than that of light, the rapid deceleration from that speed can cause massive, selective damage, sometimes without even scarring the armor. There are three different types of Tachyon Disruptors.

Tachyon Pulse TrackerEdit

An incredibly low powered tachyon disruptor with specialized cannons that allow shots to be fired approximately 10,000,000 times a second, These disruptor cannons are arranged all over the hull, essentially producing an expanding force field that comes from the ship. The bolts are generated with a specific, sensor traceable radiation. Each impact, or change in phase will change the radiation signature, thus indicating a cloaked ship. The power drain for this type of Pulse disruptor is little more than that of the average sensor operations.

Tachyon Pulse DisablerEdit

A tachyon pulsor designed to disable starships by rendering their power systems inoperable. The Tachyons eat away at the shields, even passing through ray shields, as the Tachyons act more like a particle than a ray. Once through the shields, their beams can be pinpoint targeted to disable certain parts of the ship, engines, shield generators, even command systems if the bridge can be piinpointed. Due to these properties, they are usually used on small vessels, whose primary duties are to disable and capture starships to reverse engineer their technology.

Tachyon Pulse CannonEdit

Fully Offensive version of the Tachyon pulse disruptor, Maintains the pinpoint targeting properties of the Tachyon Pulse Disabler, as well as the shield draining effect, while being able to inflict heavy damage upon starship. Its destructive potential is similar to that of a Death ray, however, it does not emit harmful radiation, and so can be fielded on Organic vessels.

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