A drill system designed to evacuate crustal material from a planet for later habitation. The Drill system is not a drill per se, rather, it is a directed annular confinement beam that uses a subspace teleporter to beam out swaths of material from the crust, creating a clean tunnel down. When the drill system reaches the bottom, it is capable of making wider cuts, while allowing massive pillars to remain in place, holding up the crust for further habitation.

The material is not wasted. As the material is gathered in by the Quantum Teleporter, it is pumped through a Mrrshan Transmutation Replicator, which makes the material into more useful materials, such as Xentronium, Zortium or Neutronium, among others. These materials are offloaded at the end of the machine, and are used by robo-constructors to build new buildings and re-enforcements or other systems for the warrens, so that people may live inside.

The drill system is powered by a krellium enhanced fusion system, and will power the system for 1 week of continuous use without refueling.

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