Raider Cruiser Front by FatalPapercut
Manufacturer: Naruni FlightCraft
Type: Frigate
Ships Role: Reconnaissance
Length: 100 Meters
Beam: 50 Meters
Draft: 30 Meters
Crew Manifest: 40-60
Drive/Computer Systems
Energy/Power Core: Mk II Gravitic Zero Point Reactor
Main FTL Propulsion: Holtzman FTL
Sub-Light Propulsion: 1 Gravitic Reaction Engine
Main Computer Systems: Gelcircuitry Main Data Core, Nano-Optronic Ancillary Core
Offensive/Defensive Systems
Weapons: 4 Tachyon Pulse Cannons, 3 Torpedo Launchers, 4 Mauler Cannons
Basic Defense Systems: Class or Aetheryn light Xentronium Armor
Special/Heavy Defense Systems: Sensor Baffles, Sensor Absorbant Nanopolymer armor, Multi-phased cloaking device, Electronic Countermeasures
Chronological and General Info
Affiliation/Alligences: Mrrshan Empire, Mrrshan-Corozethian Empire
Allies: Obsidian Order

The Oracle reconnaissance craft was specially developed by the Mrrshan Obsidian order to infiltrate enemy territory without a trace, and to escape with detailed sensor scans of installations, planets, and ships. Each ship has 37 seperate sensor pallets capable of detailed Long range scanning up to 2 light years allowing for positive identification of ships, stations and planets, their size, and approximate weapons loadout Medium Range scanning allows for definate weapons loadout, Crew Capacity, and Specific information about the ships or planets in question, including structural defects, and the like. Medium range scanning is approximately 100,000,000 KM. Short Range Scanning allows for schematics grade scans of ships weapons and planets, effectively unlocking all a vessel's secrets. However, short range scanning requires a vessel to close to within 500 KM of the target. All 37 sensor Pallets can be brought to bear on a single target, allowing for information to be gathered at an astonishing rate. The ship uses the latest in gelcircuitry computing, and can store massive amounts of data, allowing for 2 or even 3 year reconnaissance missions. The Vessel is also capable of sustained speeds of up to .9999995c, although it is still limited to .25c when under cloak. Even when not under cloak, advanced passive sensor countermeasures make the ship incredibly difficult to detect.

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