Dauntless Targeting SystemEdit

An onboard Targeting system used in Mrrshan Torpedo weapons. The Dauntless targeting system consists of an IFF scanner and guidance system. While a missile or torpedo equipped with the Dauntless targeting system is still affected by Electronic Counter Measures, the Dauntless system allows a missile to lock onto another target if the current target is destroyed.

Emissions GuidanceEdit

Targeting system that homes in on an enemy ship's engine emissions, rather than a power or IFF signature. Can be coupled with Dauntless Targeting system. Will Provide better protection versus ECM Jammers, and since the Emisions guidance system targets enemy engines, a missile so equipped will have a greater chance of disabling enemy engines. This modification increases the size of the weapon by 1.5x, however, and so decreases the amount of missiles a ship or fighter can carry.

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