A modification on current Zero-Point Reactor systems, Psilons developed a miniaturized Zero Point Reactor system. By shrinking the singularity and the systems required to generate it, the reactor system itself could be shrunk down to fit inside a gunship or possibly even a fighter.


The Zero-Point Reactor now is comprised of four miniaturized Graviton beams powered by a Small fusion starter reactor to generate the beams to create the initial singularity. Miniaturized Inertial Dampers and Graviton inhibitors allow the reactor to be moved, and a high-temperature superconductor comprised of Metallic Krellium comprises the interconnecting wires to run the reactor with streamlined efficiency. The Miniaturized ZPR Generates power enough to keep a starship at minimal operating capacity for up to 1 year, or maintain a shuttle for up to 3 years at full operating capacity, before having to reset the singularity. The miniaturized systems mean that the reactor cannot provide power to all systems of a starship simultaneously, necessitating the use of more than one reactor for a starship. Currently the Miniature ZPR measures 3 Meters by 2 Meters, meaning that they can fit in most starfighters, making them a viable option for most starfighter systems.


The Miniaturized Zero Point Reactor produces slightly more power over a High End Fighter Power Plant, however, the net power release is roughly the same. The Main advantage that this has over contemporary systems is that it does not require fuel. This means that their flight time is increased dramatically over conventional systems, in addition, they can carry more weapons, food, or other supplies necessary to battle.

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