Micro missiles are a triumph of Naruni technology, and are rapidly becoming the mainstay of Mrrshan weapons. These weapons combine sophisticated miniaturized guidance and antigravity systems, with a Liquid Krellium Enhanced warhead. The resulting missile is approximately 10cm by 3 cm, and comes in two versions, "Smart" and "Dumb"

Smart missiles can shoot around corners and track down targets in a crowd, making them ideal for snipers. Dumb missiles are generally used for slow moving targets, and targets that do not change position quickly. Both types of missiles can sustain velocities of Mach 10 or better over a short amount of time, allowing them to engage aircraft with relative ease.


The Missile's propulsion systems are comprised of a small plasma pinch rocket and inertial dampening systems. The inertial dampening systems reduce the missile's inertial potential, thus allowing the missile to travel farther with less fuel, and also allowing it to accellerate and change course faster to follow its target better. The propulsion systems allow the missile a cruising velocity of approximately Mach 3-4, and allow short bursts of Mach 10 or better. Sustained Mach 10 (more than 15 seconds) does risks premature detonation or other problems.

Guidance SystemsEdit

The Missile's guidance systems can consist of nothing, thermal guidance, emissions guidance, and photo-imprinted guidance, or can be modified to take any miniaturized sensor. Thermal Guidance will allow the missile to follow a specific heat signature, while emissions guidance will allow a missile to follow any form of propulsion, and is generally used to shoot down aircraft. Photo imprinted guidance allows a missile to follow a specific target using imaging sensors.

Payload and DetonationEdit

The missile's detonation system consists of two parts, electronic, and pure mechanical. The electronic fuse allows for great flexibility in targets, as it can allow for proximity detontion, armor piercing, semi-armor piercing and point detonation with relative ease. The missiles also have a backup detonator consisting of a mechanical piezo electric detonation system set of by the deformation of the nose. In short, it allows for point-detonation at speed against armored targets. The disadvantage to this pure mechanical solution, however, is the fact that it can only be used against hard armored targets such as Tanks, troop carriers, and aircraft, and cannot be used against soft armored targets such as infantry.

Both types of missiles also use a standard high explosive that has an approximate yield of 50 kg of TNT, while only weighing in at 100 grams. This yield is increased by 250 times by 30 grams of liquid Krellium surrounding the explosive charge, thus, it has an approximate yield of 12.5 metric tonnes of TNT, enough to cause havok with any armored target, including vehicles such as tanks and fighters.


  • Range: 6+ KM
  • Type: AP/SAP explosive rounds
  • Yield: 12.5 metric Tons
  • Guidance system: Emissions guidance, Thermal Guidance.

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