Another modification on the ubiquitous Holtzman shielding system, the Anti Missile Defense shields work on a much smaller scale. Instead of generating a full shield around the ship, they only generate small fields for the purposes of missile deflection. Using the latest in shield capacitor technology, the Holtzman shields can be brought up to full power in a nanosecond. With the advanced cooling system present on most Mrrshan vessels, the stress of performing this maneuver is effectively eliminated, allowing the shields to hold up longer against more powerful missile attacks. The system works in tandem with the Hazardous Object Detection System, and makes a differentiation between physical objects, and lasers. The system will only come online for a physical attack. The HODS will also attempt to determine the relative phase of the object, and will adjust the frequencies of the shield to match that of the missiles.

When activated, the missile defensive shields will come online only long enough to knock the missiles off course, generally only lasting that split second. This minimizes the amount of damage done to the shield by the weapon's explosion, while also bouncing it out of harm's way. Normal Holtzman Shield psysics apply, meaning that an object will be reflected off the shield at a velocity directly proportional to its original speed, and an object propelled below the critical value (.0001 cm/sec) will not be able to pierce the shield. Dependant upon the speed of the projectile, the shield can produce deflection before the detonation of the weapon, causing it to spin off harmlessly. These shields are usually projected 50-150 meters from the hull, minimizing the backwash from missiles.

The Holtzman shields still carry the critical weakness against Continuous Wave Laser Projectors, however, it can handle attacks from pulsed lasers, plasma weapons, and particle beams easily. In addition, the HODS makes it very unlikely that a Laser/Shield interaction will occur. Since the shield generators are relatively small, multiple shield systems can be installed on a single ship, these systems can overlap to create a viable total shielding system if the main shields have failed.

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