The Gyro-Destabilizer is an advanced short range weapon that makes use of directed anti-graviton fields that are specifically designed to negate any form of inertial dampening and artificial gravity field. With the inertial dampers negated, the ship and crew are then susceptable to the massive accelerations that are commonplace among interstellar spacecraft. In addition, once the gyro-destabilizer has negated the inertial dampening systems, an advanced network of gravitic tractor beams spin the object in question around at approximately .35c or better. With the inertial dampening systems negated, the target vessel literally spins itself to shreds. In addition, any organic matter within the vessel will be instantly liquified.

In order for the target vessel to be spun, the vessel must first be within 10 KM, as the weapon is relatively short ranged. Second, the vessel must have less total mass than the firing vessel. However, since the Mrrshan use Quantum-Singularity based power sources, the total mass of the vessel is mutable, as the mass of the singularity is generally kept separate from the mass of the vessel. By reducing the anti-graviton fields, the mass of the vessel can be manipulated. In addition, the Gyro-destabilizer requires a dedicated reactor system in the case of non-gravitic reactor systems.

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