A new wrinkle in computing technology, gelcircuitry uses molecular semiconductors suspended in a gel for computing power. Electromagnetic fields are then pushed through the gel, powering the circuitry. Gelcirucuitry operates in much the same way as neurons do in the brain, allowing for data signals to be shunted in a variety of ways, thus allowing gelcircuitry to repair itself after being damaged. The Gel itself also operates as a polarizing lens for EMR, thus offering a substantial amount of protection from EMPs. The only thing that can damage or disable gelcircuitry is a localized pseudo-holtzman field, a modification of the shielding field that is in use on Mrrshan starships. It should be noted that physically crushing the circuitry will also destroy it, however any damage short of that can generally be repaired.

Ultimately, the end result is an incredibly densely packed computing matrix, allowing for massive storage in an incredibly small space. For example, an entire starship's computer core could be backed up into a gelcircuitry sphere, hereon referred to as a gelsphere, the 95 cm in diameter.

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