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  • Length: 50 meters
  • Width: 30 Meters
  • Height: 20 Meters
  • Power: 2 Minifusion reactors
  • Propulsion: 8 Contra-rotating Ducted fans in 4 Nacelles
  • Shields: Class X or Aetheryn
  • Armor: Heavy Xentronium plate or Flowmetal
  • Weapons: 2 Rapid Fire Point Defense plasma Cannons, 3 Heavy mauler Cannons, up to 40 Krellium Missiles, 20 *incendiary missiles, 20 Gas missiles, (Up to 80 missiles total) 2 particle beams.
  • Crew: 6, 1 pilot, 1 copilot, 3 weapons officers, 1 commander, up to 50 troops or 14 battleoids.

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