Passed to the Delvians from the Na'vi, the Distrans is the art of attaching a subliminal message to a creature's nervous system for later pickup. In layman's terms, it's a way to put information in an animals for storage and retrieval.

Distrans messages can either be imprinted psychically, through a Druid's Animal Affinity ability, and retrieved in this way, or vocally, implanted through a distrans machine, which is capable of imprinting the message via sound waves, and also retrieving them in the same way. In either case, the animal is not harmed. In order to retrieve the information, a code word must be spoken to unlock the infromation. However, the code word must be spoken by the person for whom the message is intended, as voiceprints and visual recognition are generally included in the subliminal programming.

The Distrans is used extensively by the Delvians to communicate on Delvia, as small flying animals abound there, and will easily be overlooked. In addition, the Na'vi sometimes make use of this method to communicate between separate clans, by psychically attaching a message with their queues.

Any animal can be used for a distrans, however, small winged animals, such as birds and bats are preferred, due to their supreme maneuverability, and ability to hide. Generally, only mammals are used, however some of the more intelligent species of insects can be used. The use of sentient species as a distrans is incredibly rare, as it is seen as little more than slavery to the Na'vi and Delvians. To use a sentient being as a distrans is a capital offense on Delvia, although other races might not have such scruples.

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