A focused beam of cosmic rays. Because the beams are highly focused, they have a greater ability to punch through shields. The radiation also has the effect of being able to shred through hull quite handily, being more effective than Plasma Cannons, and even more powerful than standard Mauler cannons, although they lack the multidimensional capacity of the Mauler cannon. In addition, the radiation has a can kill the crew of the target ship, as well as doing additional damage to organic ships, due to the mutagenic capacities of the ray. Because the beams use high-energy cosmic radiation, they are limited to use on non biomechanoid vessels. While the starship's outer hull is designed to deflect radiation, even most of the phased radiation used in death rays, they are decidedly less effective in dealing with high levels of radiation on the inside of the ship. The radiation, however, is difficult to keep phased, and divergence of the beam occurs quickly, hampering its range somewhat, and hampering its accuracy more.

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