The Syndicate War was a large war over workers rights. It consisted of two factions: The Syndicate Alliance who were for the Corporations and the Worker's Alliance who were for the workers' rights. The least opinionated Historians consider those of the Syndicate Alliance selfish and greedy, while the Worker's Alliance was unselfish and sympathetic.

The Syndicate Alliance Edit

The Syndicate Alliance consisted of Empires and Corporations. They wanted money and production, cheap and easy. To increase production and profit and to ignore the feelings of workers and put down riots instead of coercing the laborers.

Empires of the Syndicate Alliance Edit

The Gnolam Edit

The Gnolam are naturally inclined to making money and profiting. So it was an obvious decision to create the Syndicate Alliance. Even though they were weak and feeble they led the Alliance to victory, although contributing very little themselves to save money and supplies.

The Elerians Edit

The Elerians joined the Syndicate Alliance due to the influence of many Feudal Lords convincing their leaders to join so that they could continue to get cheap labor from Serfs and Peasants. Their main competition were the Humans in the war yet the only liberated one colony before a Private Military Corporation took down the Empire from the inside.

The Klackons Edit

The Klackons being a Hive Mind chose to fight for the Syndicate Alliance because the laborers are already paid nothing, they work for the good of the colony. So they believe all races should. They consider Corporations colonies although they have no Corporations in their Empire. Their main enemy were the Psilons and they got slaughtered losing 4 colonies.

The Meklar Edit

The Meklar were the last Empire to join the Syndicate Alliance and were hesitant to do so. The only reason they did so was because they could barely pay off current expenses with more money for civil workers they would start to lose money and they could not allow that. Their main enemy were the Trilarians, they did not even bother to attack any of the Trilarians colonies and went right for Trilar. Their Error 404 Mark 2 ships were undetected while in Trilarian space and they had a massive battle at Trilar.

Corporations in the Syndicate Alliance Edit

The Roman Imperial Army Edit

A Human Private Military Corporation. It was more influential in the war then any other Empire or Corporation. It was the unofficial leader of the Syndicate Alliance. It took down the Human Empire within a month of the beginning of the war from the inside. Using their Centurions they took 6 Psilon Colonies and reclaimed all the colonies the Klackons lost. Proving that they were ironically more powerful than most Empires and definitely more dangerous.

The Yasari CompanyEdit

An Elerian company owned by one of the most influential Elerian Lords Frost Yasari. They helped the Klackons defend their colonies and distracted most of the Trilarian fleet when the Meklar were attacking Trilar.

Many Other Small Corporations Edit

  • The Bulrathi Elite
  • No Name
  • The Intercontinental Bank of Nazin
  • The Gnolam Trader
  • Abercrombie and Fitch
  • Coca~Cola
  • Reptilian Task Force
  • And Many Others

The Worker's Alliance Edit

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