The Mrrshan Empire's starships are quite possibly unique in the galaxy, as they are one of the few races to use living starships. The reason for this is twofold, one, it reduces the need for maintenance, as the starship keeps track of that by itself, and two, it increases survivability of ship and crew, because the ship, having grown up from a little destroyer, has had time to gain experience in battle. The Mrrshan also believe in beauty in all things, including their war machines, which is another reason why they use bio-mechanoid starships, although they do maintain a smaller fleet of non bio-mechanoid ships for transporting cargo that would be dangerous to their living ships, and also to carry heavy weapons that the living ships cannot, such as the death-ray.

The ships, collectively called "Leviathans" reproduce much like mammals, in that their offspring are carried to term, though many small ships are born at a time, upwards of 2 or 3 hundred per birth. Gestation takes about 11 months. Ships are also grown in gestation pods, although this is mostly done with experimental classes, to test the genome. These are also methods of increasing the growth rate of the starship, although this will decrease the anticipated lifespan. Since the ships are anticipated to live to 600 years old, this is something of a non-factor.

Mrrshan vessels generally take 10-20 years to grow to maturity, although since they are born in swarms of 2-300, many reach maturity, and therefore, even though the length of time between ships is long, there are many that are built.

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