The Ar'daan Class Troop transport is designed for planetary incursions. An Ar'daan Class troop transport serves as its own military base, in enemy territory, and after landing usually cannot launch. Because of this, The Ar'daan lacks intelligence, and is simply an organic starship, rather than the living bio-mechanoids that make up the majority of the Mrrshan fleet. Once landed, An Ar'daan class Troop transport does not lift off. In the event of capture when on land, the troop transport will explode. Ar'daan class troop transports are also used as freighters and colonist transports. These types generally lack the heavier armor on the ventral section, and can lift off much more easily.


  • Length: 2500 Meters
  • Height: 600 Meters
  • Width: 600 Meters
  • Power: 1 Gravitic ZPR
  • Engines: 3 Tai'shan Class Gravitic Engines
  • FTL: Holtzman FTL
  • Shielding: Aetheryn.
  • Defenses: Displacer HAMDS
  • Hull: Organic Hull Matrix with Flowmetal Armor overlays, Additional Xentronium Armor Overlays on Ventral section.
  • Weapons: Mauler Cannons [25] Particle Beams [10], Heavy Plasma Cannons [50], Point Defense Particle Beams [250]
  • Crew: 1000
  • Troops: 200,000
  • Support Craft: 2 regiments battleoids, additional units vary.